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Collaboration for Animation

2015-11-01 13:57:10 by GothamB

Greetings there!!

Hi My name is Gotham (Gautam) a self-motivated Professional Flash Animator, Traditional animator (hand drawing with no PC), a game designer, UI/UX designer, cartoonist, Storyboard artist, painter and character designer for the past ten years. As an artist, I worked all over the globe for varies clients. I always loved drawing since early childhood.  My parents helped me become the artist i am today. When i am not animating or illustrating i loves to cook tasty vegan dishes for my family, read my favorite comic books, play with my dogs and cat and practice Taekwondo & Jujitsu.


Warm Regards
Skype: gothambrowny


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2015-11-16 10:34:49

By Collaboration do you mean like professional paid... or Just personal, fun learning ones?? I have a few personal ideas, which i started but is half way, I have improved (my skill) much over past few months and im planning to start over again... as a collaboration... u can check out here... Community > Forums > Collaboration > Action collab Projects...

GothamB responds:

Thanks for the reply, i open for all type of collabration, i am open for your ideas , I am a Professional animator , i work for learning , personnel as well as paid offers too. so I welcome your ideas.. if you need more talk please mail me